Remember Romney?

At several points in this election, we have been faced with the comparsion between Trump and past Republican nominees. Everyone seems to agree now that Trump is one of the worse nominees in history, but this agreement has for some reason led to a false conclusion. Romney was not a particular good candidate, he was surely a decent candidate. Maybe he is even a decent human being,but he was not a particular good human being. He was a person who benefited immensely from privilege and didn’t realize it. He thought Sesame Street and HUD were a waste of money. Trump is terrible, but Romney was not in any way ideal or for that matter an acceptable choice.

Trump was already terrible by 2012, he eagerly jumped into birther movement. He had already declared bankruptcy six times. He had already been sued for not allowing African Americans in his residences.In 2012, Romney eagerly stepped on stage with him after courting his endorsement calling him a job creator. For the record, if the majority of jobs you create are low wages temporary jobs- I’m not that proud of you.  Romney was thrilled to be on stage with Trump.

Romney was happy to get involved in the birther conspiracy theories. Did he outright say it? No, but a dog whistle is a dog whistle. Saying no one has ever asked for your birth certificate is pretty weak and underhanded. If you want to have a substantial issue based debate, avoid doing the exact thing has undermined your opponent.

Romney was woefully out of touch with the challenges of the working poor. Both candidates this year have been rich for so long that they don’t they are out of touch too. But Romney is special kind of out of touch, because Romney thinks that we’re attacking people who are successful. Let’s just be clear- paying taxes isn’t a punishment. Paying taxes is a way you pay for services like schools, roads, national security, anti-discrimination measures, your libraries, and many other things. Paying taxes is what you pay to be a member of society.

Romney advised folks to borrow money from their parents. It’s fine to borrow money from your parents and no logically price you could place on the value of raising a child. That being said, “borrowing money” from your parents especially $20,000 is not a normal plan for success. It’s reserved for a small group of people with a huge amount of disposable income.

He thought that the problem with Trump’s tape bragging about sexual assault was a national security issue.  I care about America’s national security and I care about how we are perceived around the around. However, I think it is much more important that we treat women well because they are people who deserve request. Also – hitting on married women, condoning assault, and committing assault are three levels of terrible. I really don’t care if Trump hits on married women, I care that he grabs them by the pussy without their permission, I care that he gropes people. I don’t care if his victims are male or female- I care that he’s assaulting people.

Finally, Romney wrote off 47% of the country. Let’s just be clear – wanting food and shelter hardly makes you a victim – it makes you alive. Romney’s apology was literally saying 47% comment wasn’t eloquently stated and that he wished the rest of the tape came out. This is not a particularly compassionate man, he’s one who sees the world as a series of dollar valuations – useful in business, dangerous in policy.

Trump is a piece of garbage, but so was Romney. Trump is just the flaming kind.

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