Every political campaign seems to attempt to bottom out the negativity. Donald Trump’s favorite word seems to be loser. Losers go against the American dream, no one wants to be a loser. Losers exist. The sooner that we are able to recognize that losers exist in a global economy, the sooner we can make better decisions. We live in a strange world, where we can’t say basic truths but we can convoluted half-truths. For example, we can’t say eat less red meat but we can say, “Choose meats that are low in fat.” Similarly, when we talk about trade or overseas jobs – even though we know they are losers- politicians can’t call them that. Surely, they are more losers- fathers, mothers, hard-workers but they lost. They put their faith in an industry that they thought was forever was going to be in their hometown and now its not.

The fact that we cannot acknowledge that jobs will not come back blinds from how to actually deal with the issue. Yes, many articles are being written now about how the growth in home care workers and service industry are the future. Yes, there are argues about Trump’s rise is due to a “perceived loss.” There is plenty written to justify or pick at whether of not they have actually lost or to look at the potential new winners.

There is not literally enough written about what to do about the losers. Yes, no one wants to be a loser – but everyone is one at least once. If we are able to talk about who loses from policy -we can actually create HONEST policy. In this world, where indirect and dishonest policy is used to not offend – maybe a little hard truth can actually move us forward.

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